Corona Virus Update

Letter from April 3rd, 2020:

Dear children, pupils and parents,

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, I would like to get in touch with you. I

am also doing so on behalf of my colleagues.

First of all, we would like to thank all the children very much for the great work they

have done over the past three weeks. We would also like to express our sincere

thanks to you dear parents. We know that this is a difficult time for you, when you are

confronted with many challenges. Many thanks for the enormous support.

Further thanks are also due, of course, to my colleagues, who have quickly

familiarized themselves with the new modes of working and have not given up

despite some technical hurdles which we were confronted with. This is a new

situation for us too and we are faced with new challenges as well. All the teaching

colleagues now communicate with the children via WhatsApp, via googleClassroom

or E-mail, or the children work diligently on their workbooks and photocopied materials.

I can assure you and you that we would all much rather be with you in school and we

hope that this will be possible again soon.

As we have to assume that the school will remain closed after the Easter holidays,

we will work on further communication possibilities and on the expansion of already

existing digital teaching/learning tools.

As before, each teacher is responsible for his/her subject and follows the existing

curriculum. The teacher decides from a pedagogical point of view which

communication channels are suitable for the pupils.

Since our learning strategies and methods are highly individualized, homogeneous

learning is difficult to achieve, especially at the primary level. The children work

according to their own learning pace and learning progress. If a pupil is still working

on the basics of reading and writing, e- learning is not the appropriate

approach. For another pupil in the same grade level, however, it could be useful.

Please trust our teachers, because they know the right approach and are the experts in

this field.

During this period, there will be no class exams and tests. Teachers could request

that the pupils do some assignments to substitute these. The respective teachers will

contact you for further information on that.

As already announced, the learning progress reports will be taking place after the

Easter holidays. Depending on the situation, these will be held online or at school.

In summary, this implies that:

-after the Easter holidays, assignments will be added for the subjects that are still


-the communication channels will be maintained and further improved,

-please continue to discuss special needs of individual children with the class

teachers or with the subject teachers.

There will be no assignments during the Easter holidays. Of course, the children can

work on the tasks they have already been given or practice using the learning apps in

the Time for talents course on google Classroom.

When we get any further information with regards to how the government of Ghana

will proceed with the school closures, we will inform you.

I would like to wish everyone a relaxing holiday. Above all, stay healthy.

Best regards,

Head of school



Letter from March 22nd, 2020:


Dear parents,

As promised, I am addressing you with a few explanations for further learning for your children in this difficult time. In our team we have discussed on how to proceed, also under the point of view that the school closure will last longer (expected start of school on Monday, 20.4.2020).

This Monday and Tuesday, all teachers will receive further training in Google Classroom Management.

Here is the procedure for the next two weeks:


Kindergarten teachers will send materials, ideas and video messages via the existing Whats App groups. Every teacher can be reached by phone. Consultation hours can be arranged.

Primary School:

Additional materials will be provided for the children to pick up at the school.

Class teachers will communicate with parents and students via a WhatsApp group and Email. Consultation hours can be arranged with the class teacher.

From Class 3 onwards Google Classroom will also be used.

In Primary school, it is very important that students have access to their usual working materials, books. These are structured in a sensible and continuous way.

Communication takes place via the class teacher, the subject teachers send notes, working materials, etc. to the class teacher for forwarding.

Class 5-9

From class 5 onwards, communication will be mainly via Google Classroom.

The subject teachers will also place working materials for their subject on the platform.

The class teachers can also communicate with parents and students via Whats App groups and Email.

Consultation hours can be arranged.


During the Easter holidays no tasks are given to the students.

We will start with the learning development meetings / parent meetings in the week after the Easter holidays (online or in person).

All our colleagues will be open to the different ways of communication.

Please do not hesitate to ask the respective class or subject teacher if you have further needs.

We are convinced that together with you we will master this task in these uncertain times and wish everyone good luck.

Stay healthy!

Head of school


Letter from March 18th, 2020:


Dear GSIS school community,

Due to the Ghanaian government’s request to close schools in Ghana until further notice and the simultaneous closure of schools and kindergartens in Germany until mid-April 2020, we see ourselves obliged, in consultation with the ZfA, to extend the GSIS school closure accordingly until April 19th, 2020.

The first day of school will then be Monday, April 20th,  2020.

We would like to draw the attention of all families who will be travelling in the coming weeks to the corresponding regulations of a 14-day quarantine after returning from risk areas.

I think the last few days have shown that today it is not yet clear what tomorrow will be.

We will keep you informed about all further developments and inform you in time about what will happen after the Easter holidays.
We ask for your understanding.

Stay healthy, everybody. We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Your Board


Letter from March 13th, 2020:

Dear GSIS school community,

After Friday everything went very fast and the news of the temporary closure of the school was certainly surprising to many of you, we would like to go into some details again to hopefully provide more clarity.

First of all, we would like to inform you that the school closure is not related to people already infected or having contact to such – within the GSIS school community.

As already mentioned, our decision was taken as a purely precautionary measure and was implemented in consultation with and on the recommendation of the German Embassy. We have been as surprised as you by the speed of the closure. However, the circumstances here on site made it necessary to act quickly and decisively. What had led to days of discussion and deliberation in Germany had to be implemented more quickly in Ghana in order to contain a rapid spread. Since both confirmed cases come from expatriate circles, the closure of the international institutions in the country was the obvious choice. As I am sure you know, many of the large international schools in Accra have by now been closed.

Many of the news that have been circulating on the social media since yesterday in this connection are false and without any foundation. Especially the news of a user unknown to us, who spread fake news about parents of GSIS, who allegedly were at a party of the Norwegian Ambassador, are wrong.

The user claims to be an employee of the school, but she is not known at our school.

We know that this or similar false reports are very disturbing and annoying for you and others.

We would like to ask you to help us to stop such false reports and put them right. Especially in these difficult times, please let us act calmly and trust each other in such stressful situations.

We, the board and the school management, will do everything possible to master this difficult situation unscathed. We need your support in this. If you read such messages and are surprised by their content, please ask us before sharing them. Thank you very much for this.

By now all students should have received assignments from the teachers.

If you have any questions about individual tasks or need further materials, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also refer again to good learning apps that can be used depending on the age group. We will send you a list of these in the next few days.

We will keep you up to date and send you all further information as soon as possible.


Stay healthy!!

With kind regards

Board and school management

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