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We are looking for a German speaking intern for the nursery

Internship at the GSIS

The German Swiss International School is a “German School Abroad”, which is recognised by the Ministry of Education. Apart from the nursery, the school comprises the kindergarten, primary, middle and secondary school up until the 10th grade. Due to the large number of pupils without any background in the German language, the teachers and interns have the special challenge of integrating these pupils into the school.

Generally, the GSIS gladly takes interns for the kindergarten, school and administration.

Please read through the frequently asked questions before submitting your application letter to us: Please do contact us if your queries are not answered below.

What is the appropriate duration of an internship?
In the kindergarten and school, the interns should be able to stay at least six months to ensure that the children do not have to constantly adapt to changes. The working hours are 38.5 hours per week from 7.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Three to six months is an appropriate duration for an internship within the school administration.

When must I apply?
We do not have any fixed times for application and starting of internships.

What are the requirements for the interns?
Interns first language should be German and a good knowledge of English would be an advantage. It would be ideal if the interns area of studies or future profession fits into the framework of the internship.

Who should I address my application to?
Please address your application and all attached documents (CV, reference letters, referees) stating the desired period of internship to the head of administration:

Pearl Asare Amoah

Email: pearl.amoah@gsis-accra.org
Tel: 00233 (0)302 22 35 22
We also welcome prospective applications.

Do I receive any payment for the internship or are there any scholarships available?
School and administration interns receive an allowance for expenses.

Interns will have to apply for scholarships personally, with applications directed to the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) or within the framework of the voluntary social work with the “Kulturweit”. Please take note that most of the scholarships need to be applied for approximately a year before the actual internship is due to start. We are glad to assist you with any required confirmation which needs to be handed in with the application for scholarship.

How do I find an apartment in Accra?
We support you in looking for an apartment and would recommend various contacts ahead of time. It would be advisable to spend the first week in a guest house and then personally take a look at the various options for apartments and shared house on your arrival in Accra.










Internship 30 Years German Unity

The German Swiss International School, Accra (GSIS) plans to hold an event in October 2020 in the context of the 30th anniversary of German unification. The activities planned will follow the local guidelines regarding Covid-19.
Activities planned include, a call for artistic contributions from local Ghanaian artists, exhibitions, local artist market with German beer garden and specialties.

The GSIS, therefore, requires the services of a motivated intern who will be part of the management team for this event.

Internship Description:
If you are interested in the arts industry and gaining hands on experience in client and artist management, the German Swiss International School’s internship for event and artists management is a great opportunity for you. The intern will gain hands on experience managing clients and artists and promoting events marking 30 years of German Unification which will be held in October 2020. 

Interns will:
• Promote and manage artists selected as part of the event
• Develop and maintain contacts with artists from start to finish of the event

Competences (Core / Managerial):
• Team Player
• Accountability
• Communication
• Knowledge sharing and continuous improvement
• Planning and organizing
• Results focus
• Teamwork

Qualifications and Requirements:
• Knowledge and experience with social media a must
• Hold degree or currently pursuing degree in marketing, PR, communications, music business, or similar field
Age: You must be at least 20 years old to apply.
Languages: You should have an excellent command in both written and spoken English
Computer skills: You must have an excellent knowledge of computer systems and office-related software.
Team player: You should be able to work well in a team and adapt to an international working environment.
Communication skills: You should possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• An organized person, able to keep deadlines and work under pressure 

Time Commitment and Location:
The duration of an internship generally ranges between 2 and 3 months. This internship will have agreed flexible start and end dates based on school schedule. Weekly meetings will be communicated.

Compensation and Benefits:
This internship does not offer monetary compensation. We welcome passionate, excited interns. You will be part of the management committee team responsible for the event in October, reaching out to contacts and promoting our artists.

Application Instructions:
• You are to submit your CV, one application and a cover letter
• Even if you are eligible, there is no guarantee of placement. We receive more applications from qualified candidates than we can place.
• We do not respond to each and every candidate. If selected, you will be directly contacted by the school’s administration. If you do not receive any update within one months, it means that your application has not been successful.
Please submit your application, CV and cover letter with relevant documents to the following email address: michael.tackie@gsis-accra.org by close of day on 03/08/2020


Currently there are no vacancies