Author: Kevin Stepper

MINT training

Children’s curiosity is enormous and the question of why is constantly present. Thus, children are born researchers, always want to know everything in detail and sometimes ask questions, the answers to which even adults have to think about. The kindergarten and daycare center offer regular MINT projects for research, questioning, puzzling and wondering. Almost any topic from the children’s immediate everyday life is suitable for such exciting research projects.

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Monday ritual

The last week before the vacations has begun. Fittingly, our Monday ritual took place today . Since a long time with many coron measures, we could sit together without masks for the first time this year, so the joy was clearly visible in all faces!

The program was as always varied with the song Kye kye Kule, a musical “Lion King”, poems about spring & dances of the AG’s .

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At the beginning of the week, classes 1-4 dealt with the topic of “peace”. In inter-grade groups, the children exchanged ideas on the topic and recorded their knowledge and personal experiences in writing. A joint exchange with all children then took place.

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Happy Independence Day

On Monday, March 6, Ghana’s annual Independence Day took place.
Already on Thursday, March 3, 2022, the kindergarten children made a short trip to Independence Square. All marveled at the huge parade square and the Black Star Gate. For the celebration, the kindergarten was decorated with numerous Ghanaian flags. At the end, the children sang and drummed together.

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Carnival party in elementary school

Today the elementary school carnival party took place. Even before the first lesson, everyone was very excited and could hardly wait until the party started. After we all presented our costumes to each other, we played different games, danced and laughed a lot. Of course, sweets were not to be missed!

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Colorful carnival party in kindergarten and day nursery

On Tuesday, 01.03.2022, it was colorful, atmospheric and musical in the kindergarten and daycare center. Wherever you looked, there were beautiful princesses, brave pirates, funny animals and strong heroes. Everyone celebrated happily and danced in the colorfully decorated group rooms and in the schoolyard.

Christmas is just around the corner

Not only in supermarkets you can see colorfully packed baskets with food everywhere, also at our school the principal traditionally hands out gift baskets to all employees.

The anticipation of Christmas is now all the greater


In Germany, it is customary to place boots outside the front door on December 6th so that St. Nicholas knows where to put the many small gifts.

He came to the school in person and brought joy to young and old alike.

On such a special day, there was of course also a special program.

Numerous classes and extracurricular activities  created a variety of presentations.

Today, something from Class 1/2 😊

Class 1/2 was on a school trip today. First we visited a bead factory, looked at  thr process and designed beads ourselves. Then we went to Rufus Park and tried many things. At the end of the excursion, a treasure hunt was waiting for us. We all had a lot of fun.

It was a great day.

Nationwide Reading Day

Also this year we participated for the 5th time in the “Nationwide Reading Day”.

Under the motto “Friendship…” books were read aloud from kindergarten to secondary school.

For the children it was again a nice experience to listen to readers and to get to know new books.

We thank all the readers and are already looking forward to next year.

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