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extracurricular activities

The German Swiss International School offers various extracurricular activities on Wednesdays from 1:15 p.m. till 4 p.m.

As a school, it is our aim to offer a holistic approach to education which not only covers academic aspects, but also ensures that all pupils have the opportunity to acquire various additional competencies. The children are encouraged to choose activities based on their interests and talents.

Our team of extracurricular tutors are competent and dedicated, ensuring that pupils are challenged and their skill development supported.  outside the classroom as well as their interests in areas including art, music and cross-cultural experiences. The variety of extracurricular activities which we offer are also open for children who do not attend the GSIS, based on the available capacity.

The extracurricular activities are chosen by the pupils at the beginning of each semester and they can either continue with the same activity or choose to try out a different one during the following  semester. Currently the instruments offered are piano, violin and guitar. In addition, there is the opportunity to participate in other activities such as tae-kwon-do, football, chess, pottery, art, craft, Lego-robotics and “experiencing Ghanaian culture“.

The school also has a Good News Club and a Junior Mountaineer Group which meet on Fridays and Saturdays respectively.