Fairy tales celebration

The theme of fairy tales has been a leitmotif throughout the German International School Accra in Ghana since the beginning of the school year. One of the smallest recognized German schools abroad put on a magical festival celebrating diversity, culture and partnership. The event is part of the “German Days”, a series of events organized by the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry around German Unity Day.

“Knusper, Knusper, Knäuzchen”. In early October 2023, numerous guests crunched at the schoolhouse of the small German International School Accra in Ghana. On the lovingly decorated school grounds, our Fairy Tale Festival took place last Saturday.

The fairy tale festival began with a varied program of games and fun stations for children. Young and old were welcomed by a prince and princess like from 1001 nights. In addition to a creative handicraft station, homemade gingerbread could be decorated, a sports course could be run through, and something could be learned about the school’s own 3D printer. There was the opportunity to have beautiful fairy-tale make-up done, there was reading aloud, or jumping on the bouncy castle.

Loud drums called all visitors together on the basketball court at 5:30 pm. It was showtime! The children stood excitedly ready in their costumes, looking forward to their performance!

After some introductory words by the principal Rainer Kropp-Kurta and Franziska Jebens from the German Embassy Accra, the little ones from the kindergarten opened with a glamorous performance of Sleeping Beauty. This was followed by a song and dance performance to “Anansi the Spider,” a character from the West African Anansi fairy tales.

The story continued with a performance of the class 1/2. Frau Holle was perfectly retold by the children. A great performance!

This was followed by a performance by the French school, Lycée Français International. A fantastic and funny representation of the fairy tale Cinderella and that in German language. A beautiful symbol of the newly lived cooperation between the two schools.
The crowning finale was the self-written fairy tale story of the class 5/6, which was presented as a play in beautiful costumes safely and with a powerful voice.
At the end, the numerous visitors enjoyed a breathtaking performance by the Universal Street Academy, a street children’s project from Jamestown, in which drumming, dancing and even fire spitting took place.