GSIS visits CFC in Hebron

The next step in the collaboration between CFC (Chance-for-Children) and the GSIS-Accra has been made. A group of GSIS students travelled to the CFC facility in Hebron in order to meet a group of children of the same age. For one day, everybody had the opportunity to get to know each other better and to work, eat and play together. Furthermore, a guided tour of the premises was organized and an explanation of the existing house rules as well as the on-site division of work was given. The children of both institutions worked very well together, laughed a lot, and any initial reservations were thus quickly forgotten. Both groups are already looking forward to seeing each other again. This reunion of the same groups will soon take place at the GSIS as the next step in the collaboration in order to further strengthen the cooperation. We are looking forward to it!