How the kindergarten gets into the living room

“If the children cannot go to kindergarten, we take the kindergarten to the children’s homes!” – Based on this motto, the kindergarten team works out a varying weekly plan every week, with the aim of taking the colourful world of kindergarten into the children’s rooms at home.

Every Monday, lovingly designed “Kita togobags” are available for the GSIS kindergarten children to pick up. These bags contain the necessary handicraft materials, song lyrics, worksheets…..for the current week. The bags are sent by mail to all the children who are still in Germany. In addition, there is a daily video created by the kindergarten teachers, which corresponds to the topic.

The handicrafts can also be sent back to the kindergarten via the bags. In this way, the children can already contribute to the decorating of the group rooms and will find their own handicrafts with which they are familiar,when they return.

In addition, all children meet twice a week in a virtual morning circle via Zoom. Here too, the contents of the Kita to go – bags are used in creative activities. Furthermore, each child receives a personal video call in which he or she can interact with the kindergarten teachers.

The kindergarten team tries to take the daily routine in kindergarten to the children at home, through a variety of activities which are offered together with the German language support, the English Language activities as well as the preschool.