Lantern walk

On 09.11.2023 we had our lantern walk in the Gisa. Each child made their own individual lantern. We also sang various lantern songs. Class 3/4 performed a shadow play in which they explained who St Martin was. The kindergarten performed a fantastic light dance.

The highlight was St Martin on his horse. We went out into the street with him and sang the songs we had learnt for our neighbor’s. At the end, St Martin gave out traditional German bread  to everyone.

Who was Saint Martin?

Saint Martin was a man who lived in Europe a long time ago. He is known for a good deed: while riding his horse, he saw a beggar who was freezing. Saint Martin shared his warm coat with the beggar to help him.

We celebrate Saint Martin to remember this kind act. Especially in Germany, on November 11th, there are lantern processions where children sing and carry lights to symbolize the goodness in the world. It’s a time to help others and be kind, just like Saint Martin did.