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Pedagogical lunch concept

Balanced and healthy nutrition is an important requirement for the physical and mental development of children. Considering the reality that pupils often spend up to about eight hours in school where they are continually mentally and physically challenged, meal times are an important part of the school day.

As an "all day school", GSIS offers the opportunity for our pupils a hot lunch provided by the neighbouring “Swiss Club”. Historically, not much attention has been paid to the serving of the meals, the break time culture or dining atmosphere. This has changed in the 2018/2019 academic year with the introduction of the pedagogical lunch concept at GSIS for our nursery, kindergarten and pupils in classes 1 – 6. Taking into account the age of the children, they are all encouraged to accept lunch related tasks (i.e. serving themselves, carrying their plates to the kitchen after they have eaten) and to enjoy the company of their fellow pupils and teachers at the table until everyone has finished eating. The children are encouraged to enjoy the cultural exposure from a relatively diverse lunch offering, in a relaxed and supportive environment that encourages social interaction.

In future, the GSIS would also like to continue to contribute positively to education in nutrition and the promotion of health and, positive social in our school community.