MINT training

Children’s curiosity is enormous and the question of why is constantly present. Thus, children are born researchers, always want to know everything in detail and sometimes ask questions, the answers to which even adults have to think about. The kindergarten and daycare center offer regular MINT projects for research, questioning, puzzling and wondering. Almost any topic from the children’s immediate everyday life is suitable for such exciting research projects.

MINT training for kindergarten and crèche teachers

MINT = Mathematics – Informatics – Science – Technick

One of the most important prerequisites for learning of any kind is motivation. And children have this in abundance, because learning is never as exciting and important as it is at the very beginning of our lives. That’s why it’s ideal to tap into children’s natural thirst for knowledge and help them find out the answers to their questions for themselves. We try to take this curiosity into account with our STEM offerings.

In order to be able to continue to find answers to exciting questions, our kindergarten teachers have successfully participated in an advanced training series of the “Haus der kleinen Forscher”.

We are already looking forward to many exciting projects and would like to thank our colleagues for their commitment.