My time at the GSIS Accra

During my time at GSIS, I particularly liked the fact that you can find friends very quickly and the teachers are nice. Since the school is very small, we all knew each other. Especially interesting for me, was the participation in the Olympics in Namibia. It was a great time.

I will especially miss my friends, but also small classes.


During my time at GSIS, I really liked the fact that the classes are so small and that I therefore knew almost everyone in school.

Most of all, I will miss my friends but also the different activities like the school trips, the project week and the Sport Olympics in Windhoek.


During my time at GSIS- Accra, I especially liked the fact that I made new friends, that the teachers were nice and that I always had fun. I also enjoyed the school trip, the excursions and the overnight stays at the school. Most of all I will miss the small classes, the nice teachers and my friends.

I wish the whole GSIS Accra all the best!


During my time at GSIS I particularly liked the fact that there were other activities outside the school. I especially enjoyed the Sports Olympics in Namibia.

Of course I will miss my friends the most. The family atmosphere where the small class sizes played a big role is something I will miss as well.