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Our nursery – the “Yellow Group“ 

The GISA nursery offers children between one and three years of age a place where they can play together and grow in safety. Every child is welcome and valuable with its unique personality. It is important to us to perceive each child with his or her needs and to support them according to their individual abilities and needs. It is our goal to convey to the children the joy of life, the desire to learn and a strong sense of basic trust. The motto is always: "Playing is learning, and learning is playing”.

Our offers:
We support the children in our nursery in their exploration of language, numbers, music and natural sciences, promote their desire for movement and strengthen their awareness of healthy eating. The basis for our educational work is the Thuringian Education Plan. The children are always at the focus of the educational concept. With selected pedagogical offers we cover all areas of upbringing and education.

Early childhood language support:
Singing songs, finger games, picture book reflections, rhymes.

Early childhood motor skills and health support:
Experiments, explanation of technical devices in everyday life, domino effect.

Early childhood mathematical education:
Learning to count, laying out and sorting patterns, etc.

Early childhood music education:
Getting to know musical instruments, singing melodies.

Early childhood creative art support:
Recognizing and mixing colours, drawing and colouring, cutting, tearing and gluing.

Early childhood socio-cultural and moral education:
Expressing opinions, making democratic decisions as a group, conveying values (sharing, friendship, helpfulness, honesty).

When will my child be taken care of?
How long you leave your child in one of our nursery each day is up to you, since you have the option of deciding for or against afternoon care.

Monday to Thursday
7:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. Morning supervision
1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Afternoon supervision

7:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. Morning supervision
1 p.m. - 3 p.m. Afternoon supervision

In order to enable the children to feel part of a group and to allow all children to participate in the pedagogical activities, we have a so-called core time during which all children should be present. This is in the morning. Our recurring daily routine gives the children structure and security.

Who takes care of my child?
In our nursery, the children are taken care of by trained professionals, i.e. nursery teachers and child care workers. The comprehensive professional work of the teams and pedagogical topics across the groups are continuously supported by the kindergarten management.

New in the Nursery“ - Familiarization
In the interest of the children, we place special emphasis on a good familiarization and take a lot of time for this. A detailed admission interview between parents and the nursery creates the necessary basis of trust. In the initial phase, a parent accompanies the child until a good contact with the reference nursery teacher allows for saying good-bye.

Our Nursery Routine:
The children can be brought to the nursery from 7:30 am.

From 8:00 a.m. the nursery program starts with a free-play phase. The children decide where they would like to play. The nursery teachers support the children in their activities. After the free-play phase there are pedagogical activities which are based on the "Thuringian Educational Plan" and which are based on a theme that changes approximately every four to six weeks.

Afterwards we start with a healthy breakfast, which the children bring from home. This is an important part of the daily routine. Here all children sit down at the table and eat together as a group. This strengthens the group feeling and the togetherness. It promotes the possibility of verbal exchange, laughter, sharing and consideration for each other.

From 11:00 am we go to the playground. The nursery children have access to a special toddler garden and the playground of the kindergarten

The children take lunch together in the group at 11:30 am. Lunch is served by the restaurant Swiss Club, which is located right next to the school.

After lunch, the children brush their teeth and then go to the sleeping room, where they have the opportunity to take a nap/after-lunch rest.

Children who are not registered at the facility in the afternoon are picked up at the playground between 12:45 p.m. and 1p.m.

Feasts / Celebrations and Special Days:
Based on the motto: "We celebrate the festivals as they fall" we celebrate German and Ghanaian holidays in the kindergarten. Each festival is prepared in the kindergarten. The children learn the historical and cultural background of the festival in an age-appropriate manner. Suitable songs are rehearsed and, if necessary, room decorations are made. Not only should our nursery visually adapt to every occasion, but also the children should have the opportunity to be prepared for every festival, taking their age into consideration.


We would be happy to welcome you and your child(ren) to our nursery.

We would be glad to answer questions and provide information about our offers.