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Parents Representatives

Welcome to the site of the parent representatives of GISA. Here you will find all information about the tasks and responsibilities of the elected parent representatives. If you have any questions about the school, you can contact us at any time. You can obtain our contact details from the DISA secretariat.



Purpose and Mandate of the Parents Reps

The legal status of GISA is a ‘Limited Liability Company by Guarantee’ (with not-for-profit, charitable status) which applies to an association (‘Verein’) such as our school. The school is governed by a school board elected by the parents in the General Assembly. All major policy decisions concerning the school and the association are presented for approval during the General Assembly meetings. The headteacher and management staff, appointed by the school board, are responsible for the daily management of the school. Additionally, the parents elect a representative for each class (or combination of classes) their children attend at the beginning of each academic year.

Main Functions of the Parents Reps

The parent representatives have two main functions:

  1. Supporting collaboration and communication between parents, teachers, and school leadership in all areas of school life, including student personality and learning development, class and school organization, school culture and development, funding allocation, and school building.
  2. Supporting dialogue between the school board and parents, as well as advisory functions in school board meetings. The parent council accompanies processes initiated in the General Assembly of Parents, among other things.

The parent representatives are the eyes & ears of the school board and the voice of the parents in school life.

Duties of the Parent Representatives
  • Collecting positive and negative feedback from respective class levels, kindergarten, and nursery.
  • Supporting individual parents in transmitting and clarifying their concerns to relevant teachers, the school board, or the school leadership.
  • Contacting the class teacher in internal class matters, as well as the school leadership or the board regarding general matters and relaying the conversation results to the affected parents.
  • Contributing to finding solutions to existing problems at the school, accompanying solution approaches, and providing positive contributions to ongoing school development.
  • Representing the parents during school inspections or visits from external persons.

Parents can personally contact their respective class level's parent representative for any class and school-related matters or request our contact details from the school's secretariat.