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Welcome to the primary school


Our primary school is currently attended by pupils from different countries and cultures who are taught in mixed-age groups. Our German school is characterized by the fact that naturally, we speak and teach the German language, but also promote the English language. The class size, currently with a maximum of 15 children, allows for individual learning in an appealing and primary school-appropriate learning atmosphere. We see the diversity and heterogeneity of our pupils at the GISA as both enriching and challenging.

The lessons follow the Thuringian education plan and include all subjects taught in a German primary school. German language and German as a foreign language as well as English language and English as a foreign language are taught, with six and five lessons per week respectively, aimed at attaining a high level of language skills. In addition, various subjects such as science, art and sports are taught bilingually. This enables the pupils to learn together and from one another, linguistically and culturally. A holistic and explorative approach to learning is the basis for the development of personal, social and methodical competences.

    With numerous working groups such as Time for Talents as well as our Extra Curricular activities, the children have the opportunity to develop their artistic, musical and/or sports talents.

    Our pedagogical lunch for the primary school  was introduced in the 2018 academic year.  Classes 1 to 4 eat together in the lunch hall and the children take on responsible assignments and observe table rules which strengthen social interaction.

    Other school events, such as class excursions, swimming day and fund raising marathon, are annual events during which the GISA family always grows together and  when young and old alike get to interact.