17th Sports Olympics of the German Schools in the southern part of Africa

October, 2018

The 17th Sports Olympics of the German School in the southern part of Africa took place in Windhoek [Namibia] from the 16th till the 21st of September 2018.  250 pupils as well as 50 teachers from the six participating German Schools from Cape Town, Hermansburg, Johannesburg and Pretoria as well as for the second time in the history of the games a team from the GSIS Accra were at the event which was organized this year by the German Private High School in Windhoek.

From the sporting perspective, the competitions took place in the disciplines swimming, athletics, and ball games. The event has a longstanding tradition, the participating school prepare meticulously beforehand and the results are top performances in sports. The small team from Accra is very satisfied with the average performance and the best position was the 4th position attained by the girls in ball throwing. Congratulations!

Otherwise for the GSIS the Olympic idea “being a part is all that matters“ was the main point and so with the wonderful program which the host organized there was room for interactions and many new friendships.

At this point a big thank you to all our athletes for their dedication during training and the competition, the team of supervisors for their work as well as special thanks to the organizers, the DHPS Windhoek for their hospitality, the entire organization and the many unforgettable days in Namibia!