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Everything on one compound
From Nursery to Secondary school


The German International School Accra is an open All Day School. Located on the one compound, we have pupils from nursery all the way through to the German equivalent of  the Ordinary Level School Leaving Certificate and the Cambridge International General Certificate of Education.

On the following pages we would like to give you an insight into the various aspects of the GISA and activities. This, of course, represents just a brief overview of our daily work. You are also personally welcome to come and see the valuable work with the children for yourself. Allow yourselves to be inspired by the contents and pictures.


The GISA has a nursery with a capacity for 12 children aged between 1 year and 3 years. When the children turn 3, or attain the required level of development (e.g. is out of diapers during the day), they can be moved into the kindergarten group. The bilingual concept is integrated into the entire daily routine and is supported by targeted pedagogical activities.


The Thuringian framework for children up to 10 years is the basis of the work in our  kindergarten. With selected educational activities we cover all the specified areas of education.

Primary School

Our primary school is currently attended by pupils from different countries and cultures who are taught in mixed-age groups. Our German school is characterized by the fact that naturally, we speak and teach the German language, but also promote the English language.

Secondary school

After primary school, pupils continue to be taught in mixed-age groups.

Sports, music, art, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, history, geography, ethics, science, home economics and technology as well as French are currently taught by 3 teachers. From class 7 upwards, the children start taking French.