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The German International School Accra is one of the 140 recognised “German Schools Abroad” network which was established by the Federal Republic of Germany together with the locally based GISA Parents Association in order to promote the German language and culture abroad. As a recognized “German School Abroad“ in the global network of German Schools, we offer our pupils an education from nursery to the German equivalent of the Ordinary Level School Leaving Certificate as well as the Cambridge International General Certificate of Education.

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The bilingual advantage

Our school is located in a multilingual country where English is the official and common language. Many of our students come from multilingual families and grow up bilingual, one of the languages being either German or English.

The acquisition of several languages is very important, as the knowledge of foreign languages is a prerequisite in today's professional world. In addition, the majority of our families come from all over the world for professional reasons.

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      Ahoi! Today we celebrated carnival at GISA. Fun and games were the first priority! A great buffet was organized by the parents and afterwards the school had breakfast together. It was a fun day!


      Chance for Children

      Yesterday, the students of our secondary school visited our partner “Chance for Children”. After getting to know each other, the children from “Chance for Children” took us on a tour of the grounds and showed us their dormitories and common rooms.


      Swim Day

      Today was our annual swimming day. All the pupils met at school in the morning and then went to Tesano Sports Club together.


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